Standard Appointment Fees: 

Initial In Home Lactation Appointment - $240.00

A private In Home appointment is a great option if you are experiencing nipple or breast pain, difficulty with latch and positioning, fussiness at the breast, challenges with supplementing, difficulty with milk supply, concerns of a tongue or lip tie, questions about pumping and expressing your milk or any challenges in regards to your breastfeeding so far.

A private session in your home typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the challenges and concerns you and your baby are having. The appointment will include going over a thorough medical history, observing a feed at the breast and making adjustments as needed, tongue and lip tie assessement as well as weighing your baby on a hospital grade infant scale. Throughout the appointment we will create a personalized plan to ensure you feel capable and confident in reaching your goals.

Not sure if this is right for you? Call for a phone consult at no charge to assess your concerns prior to booking

Follow-Up Appointments - $150.00

These appointments are helpful if you feel like your concerns are still on going or something new has occured i.e pain or fussiness since our last visit. Follow -up appointments also give you piece of mind in knowing you're staying on the right track and can be a great opportunity to discuss long term goals like returning to work or pumping. 

Multiples Initial In Home Appointment - $280.00
Multiples Follow-up Appointment - $180

*Please note each appointment includes follow up support via phone and email if needed for up to one week after your appointment. Prices reflect hospital visits or in home appointments.  Superbill Receipts are provided after each appointment and can be submitted for reimbursement if you have coverage for Lactation support with your insurance company or health plan. 

*If an appointment is booked I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel, reschedule or change appointment times.

 Phone Consultation - $50.00 per Hour

Phone consultations can be scheduled regardless of your location and are a great option if you no longer need hands on support for latch and positioning but still have additional questions regarding your breastfeeding.

Phone consultations are also a great opportunity to talk about returning to work and discuss a pumping/feeding plan.