Breastfeeding is the natural physiological way to feed our babies. When everything is going smoothly it can be a wonderful experience. However, at other times it can be quite challenging. Contrary to what many believe, breastfeeding is not something you are simply expected to "know" how to do. It is a learned skill both you and your baby will come to learn together. In general, there is an absence of support, education, and training for Parents in regards to breastfeeding, making it challenging when receiving contradicting advice from different sources such as Nurse Practitioners, Doctors, and other Health Care Professionals. 

As a Board Certified Lactation Consultant I have the clinical expertise and experience required to support you and your needs. Every plan needs to be personally tailored to what works for you and your family. My focus is listening to clients first and then creating unique plans to face challenges such as latching, positioning, nipple pain, establishing and increasing milk supply and resolving fussiness at the breast etc. My aim is to provide breastfeeding dyads with compassionate support and guidance towards achieving all their breastfeeding goals.