Carp Family

        "I can say without a single doubt that my baby girl and I would not be able to nurse successfully if we hadn’t found and worked with Josée!! Not only was she the only one to persist and ask all the right questions to discover the condition and treatment for what I was suffering from, and the only one to know exactly how to get our baby girl nursing again after refusing the breast for weeks, she was also a tirelessly positive source of information and encouragement throughout the journey and to this day!
Every day I thank my lucky stars Josée was recommended to us. I enthusiastically recommend Josée to all of our friends and family"

Mary Carp, Culver City, LA

Walsh Family

        "Josée, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your help with my son. As a new mom to a preemie, your encouragement via phone and breadth of knowledge kept my spirits up and gave me the confidence to navigate pumping and bottle-feeding in a special care hospital setting.  Two months after my son’s sudden birth (full-term), you travelled ~450 km to support his transition from the bottle to the breast in our home. My little bottle-addict was quite stubborn, but your patience and gentle methods showed my son and I all the best positions for feeds. You even showed my husband how he could help with lactation aids and made him feel like he could participate. You identified my son’s lip and tongue-ties that were causing mechanical problems with his feeds. No one in the hospital, midwife, or doctor had looked. A weight was lifted from my shoulders when you were able to tell me that that was the reason he was having trouble. Once we had the ties corrected his feeds really improved. He was much more capable and with the help of a nipple shield, he transitioned to the breast within the month. My son and I now have this beautiful nipple shield free breastfeeding relationship and I truly have you to thank. At every step, you have been nothing short of incredible. The constant warmth, pride, and compassion palpable in your guidance are unparalleled. Always a friendly face in our Skype chats offering entirely non-judgmental support. In times when I was so frustrated with pumping, bottling-feeding, and using a nipple shield, you would tell me how proud you were of me. Every time my son and I would move towards our goal of natural breastfeeding, I couldn’t wait to call and tell you the good news. Now it is my turn to be proud, of my son, myself, and of you. You are an incredible lactation counselor and a beautiful human being."

Sarah Walsh, Ottawa ON

Legge Family

          "As a first time mom, breastfeeding was something that was very important to me, but it was not the easiest skill to master. My little one was born 5 weeks premature and as a result, the hospital had me on a very rigid schedule: I had to time every feeding, count every diaper change and tally how many feedings and wet diapers there were in a day. There was a specific number I had to reach and if I didn't reach that number, then I was doing something wrong. I had to check-in with the hospital breastfeeding clinic every few days and I would leave each session in tears. I almost gave up, but then I met Josée and she changed everything. From my very first session with her, she created a very supportive and positive atmosphere. With Josée, all the worries and insecurities I had felt melted away and I felt confident that I could master breastfeeding.  She taught me to watch my baby for cues rather than the clock. She taught me how to tell when my baby was drinking or not and as a result, my feeding sessions shortened from an hour to 30 minutes. As my little one got bigger, she showed me different positions to hold the baby so that the feeds would be easier. With Josée, there was no wrong way to do anything. I now enjoy my nursing sessions with my little guy. I would recommend Josée to any new mother (first time or not)."

Davina Legge, Toronto ON

Norah and Baby Mischa

     "I'd like to start off by saying congratulations to all you new mothers! My name is Norah and I'm a breast feeding mother to a beautiful healthy 10 month old. Ever since the moment I found out I was expecting I knew in my heart that I wanted to give my child the best that I could give her and that was to breastfeed. December 13th 2014 Mischa was born weighing 7 lbs 5 oz she was so beautiful. Right away the doctor laid her on my chest for skin to skin contact which is very important in helping the milk production. The nurse then tried to latch her on my nipple to get a couple good drinks of colostrum. I was so proud of my accomplishments but it wasn't until the next day that I began having trouble. Mischa was not latching properly. I had all sorts of nurses trying to help and nursing became very painful for me. The nurse then suggested that I use the hospital breast pump to extract breast milk as often as possible to keep up my supply. The next day after I got home my breasts started to get really engorged and I was in a lot of pain, sleep deprived, and scared. I had no idea what to do. I tried to pump and latch Mischa nothing worked. Two weeks went by with no improvement at all and I was supplementing Mischa with formula. A few days later I got in contact with Josée and she came over to my place. My first impression of Josée was so amazing she has such a beautiful smile and such a calm temperament. She made me feel so comfortable, right away I felt as if I've always known her. Josée showed me how to properly latch Mischa and how to tell if she was drinking. Josée came and visited me a few times and gave me such confidence in what I was doing. I was so dedicated to breastfeed that I did not give up I fought for what I wanted and it really paid off. Weeks went by and things started to get easier but at the same time I continued to struggle. I got mastitis a breast infection twice caused by blocked ducts because she was not emptying my breast enough but all that came to an end. I mean it when I say it that it is truly the best feeling in the world to nurse tour baby. No matter how hard you struggle ladies do not give up! Things do get better I promise you, it is so worth it. Don't be afraid and seek the help of a professional. It makes the experience so much enjoyable.

I highly recommend Josée to anyone, she is truly a blessing. Good luck to all you mothers out there!"

Norah Simard, Midland ON