My Services


Prenatal Lactation Appointment

  • Latching and Positioning

  • Feeding Management

  • How to care for your newborn

  • What to expect in the early days with breastfeeding

  • Skin to Skin Care

  • General questions and concerns



Private In Home Lactation Consultation

  • Latching and Positioning

  • Feeding Management

  • Nipple and Breast Pain

  • Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Assessment

  • Fussy Baby

  • Increasing Milk Supply

  • Pumping and Expressing your milk

  • Baby Refusing the breast



Follow Up Appointment

If your breastfeeding challenges continue or change, and you would like to book an additional appointment I am available to return to your home to ensure you stay on track and that your breastfeeding plan is working for you.

You can also book a follow up appointment to discuss new concerns such as returning to work or creating a plan for pumping.

Follow up Appointments are typically 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

Fee…………$100/Hour + Travel